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  • Web-design

    The main priority is bright and memorable presentation sites. We make websites of any complexity from landing pages to large stores and apps. Design, frontend, backend, content, SEO.

  • Branding, logo, identity

    branding, logo, corporate identity, naming

  • Graphic design

    print design, catalogs, presentations, booklets, calendars, packaging design, layout, banner design, covers, outdoor advertising

  • Illustrations and video

    Illustrations, infographics, video graphics, character creating and visual storytelling, promotional videos, videos about the company, about the product, sound design, children's illustration, 3D graphics^ promo

  • Private and public interiors

    Design, decorating, construction, design of furniture, design of gaming offices, design of restaurants and shopping centers, design of shopping equipment and promo zones, design of exhibitions

  • Commercial animation

    Full architectural design, design development, design of furniture, commercial and gaming equipment, color solutions, decoration, development of showcases and facades, author supervision, full graphic support (prices, presentations, posters, video design, etc)

  • 12 years on the market

  • more than 150 projects

  • over 80 customers

Fill the brief

web-design, Branding, logo, identity, Graphic design

Moscow, Lubyanka, Central children's Shopping center

Theme park Blastertag

Graphic design, Commercial animation

Branding, logo, identity, Graphic design, Commercial animation



Davim Sami

web-design, Branding, logo, identity

Art Spice


Corporate Identity

Show Pro

web-design, Branding, logo, identity

video for shopping mall

video blastertag

Illustrations and video

Creating a video with screen layout for a shopping center

Video foк shopping center

Illustrations and video



Family restaurant


Branding, logo, identity

Бренд натуральной косметики


Graphic design

Logo and identity

Tekhnicheskie sistemy

Branding, logo, identity

Full booklet Dental Clinic

Stom supply

Branding, logo, identity, Graphic design

Projecting, building, toys

Children's room in restaurant Telepizza

Commercial animation

web-design, Branding, logo, identity

ready design or we can create new for you

Houses for kids

Illustrations and video, Commercial animation

Morozovskiy zavod

web-design, Branding, logo, identity

Corporate site models for jewelery server for downloading files


web-design, Branding, logo, identity

projecting, building

Room for girl, 2014

interiors, Commercial animation

Projecting, building, toys

Children's room in restaurant Telepizza

Commercial animation

Clinic of plastic aestetic surgery in Saint Petersburg

clinic of Dr. Kuprin

web-design, Branding, logo, identity



Stom Supply

web-design, Branding, logo, identity

Pharma Gen


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designer Oleg Igolinsky

Аppartment Krestovsky island


Designer Oleg Igolinsky

Denis Popov bar, 2012


Designer Oleg Igolinsky

Appartment on Shpalernaya str., 2010


designer Oleg Igolinsky

Restaurant Offside


Aeroport Pulkovo, bar Beresta

Branding, logo, identity, Graphic design, interiors

Designer Oleg Igolinsky

Appartment on Vasilievsly island, 2015


Our clients

  • VTB24
  • Pulkovo Airport
  • L'etoile

Why we

  • Conveniently

    You can get everything in one place from the business card to the interior of the office

  • A lot of fresh ideas

    Do not use patterns, individual approach to each order, we are able to listen and ask questions

  • Any difficulty

    We are not afraid of difficulties, to find a solution is our main mission

  • liabilities

    Thoroughly we are working on the terms of reference and guarantee compliance with all the commitments and deadlines on it with the full compliance of the draft orders signed

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