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Corporate identity is the "clothing" for your brand. "You won't get a second chance to make a first impression," as Coco Chanel said. Create your "clothes" correctly and only with those who understand it.

What is branding and why is it not a logo or corporate identity?

If it is quite simple, you can draw an analogy with a person, then the brand is a person with a set of qualities and character, and the corporate style is clothing. It is through it that the message is transmitted in encrypted symbolic form.

A logo is like the face of your brand, it contains a concentrated message, but it is not a brand in itself. There is a lot of confusion and people don't really understand why brand and logo development are not the same, but when we understand what is what, everything falls into the rightplace.

History of a single brand.

Once a brand was born. He began to actively interact with the world and his attention was completely focused outside, he was looking for forms of communication, learning and learning a lot of new things. When the world around him became familiar, he saw a number of difficulties in the fact that not everyone sees his personality and not everyone understands it correctly. He had a lot of wards, who often forgot where everyone was going and ran away and had to build all over again. He finally asked himself who he was, how to put it succinctly and how to make sure that there was a correspondence between its internal and external content. He found special assistants who asked him a lot of questions, carefully examined his entire life path and made a very clear and precise portrait, which contained a detailed description of the brand. What does it matter to him? First, he now saw his goals and resources more clearly, second, his message was more complete and accurate, and third, his charges knew where to turn if any question arose, since the entire description was recorded in the great book of brand - Brand book.

Unlike a living person, a brand cannot be self-actualized, but every brand goes the same way - from chaotic birth to structural construction, and we are exactly the helpers who help to go this way when the brand is ready for it.