Video infographics for GCO Netherlands

video and illustrations

To create a video, 3 semantic concepts were developed and the most appropriate option was selected.

The goal was to draw attention to the new service implemented on the company's website, which allows you to see the most complete picture of possible risks and unrecorded spendings on SMM (Strategy Meeting Management) for pharmaceutical companies.

The first sketch

When developing a video, we first create sketches of ideas, how to convey meaning through images and attract the attention of viewers, and choose a style.

Final sketch

Next, we start detailing and storyboarding with timing, as well as describing the animation. After we have decided on the graphics, animation effects and the final text for the voice-over, the voice-over is recorded and then the animation is finally adjusted to the voice for the best synchronization and semantic pauses. Titles are added at the end.

Fill the brief