Theme park Blastertag

graphic design, theme parks, schools and kindergartens

We were responsible for creating the most exciting theme park right at the center of Moscow

Location: Moscow, Lubyanka, Central children's Shopping center

We designed the exciting interior for the whole 400 square meter space!

What was done:

The implementation period is 1.5 months from measurements to launch of the site

The main task was to make this park even more bright and interesting.

And attract the attention of people not only passing by, but also those who walk on other floors of the shopping center. Since the window is visible in the central atrium through the gallery, it was decided to use bright lights and elements that will be visible from afar.

And the park itself must meet the highest requirements, being located in the heart of Moscow in the most meaningful store in the country.

Architectural project

No one believed that we could do this project in a month, but thanks to the coordinated work of the entire team, we have implemented such an ambitious plan. It took an additional 2 weeks to prepare the park for opening.


Design and 3D visualisation


Reception desk


Photo of park

The final stage of preparation


The reception desk is designed to accommodate 3 people and is visible from two entrances.

One game zone is designed as a light mirror maze.
In the design of second the game area we used the technology of living walls, which create a sense of 3D figures and glow in UV light.



Promo zone on the first floor. Made the design of pasting shooting ranges, design of stretch banners.

Design of elevator doors.

Media panels throughout the center and other advertising media were designed in a similar style.

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